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Exploring the Micro-Cuisine’s of Central Washington

photo 3I have to admit, I was pretty bummed when I realized today that I didn’t coin the term “Micro-Cuisine”. CA and I have been getting into and really talking about the local food scene in the central Washington area we live in. We were discussing our plans to begin offering some sort of culinary tourism aspect of our cooking school. The idea is to take a group of people to a beautiful, desirable location on the planet and do cooking classes and tour the local scene there. Anyway, during this conversation I mentioned that we could call it exploring the “Micro-Cuisines” of the areas we take people to. Well, I totally thought it was a brand new term! Micro-Cuisine…it just sounded so cool and I thought I made it up! Well, googled it today and damn if its not taken already! Oh well…it’s still an interesting topic!

photo 5The concept of micro-cuisines fascinates me. What is fresh, hot (or cold) and tasty in your immediate micro-community, your hyper-local area? Next time you are doing your daily routine of cruising around town and doing errands, consider what is made or produced in your immediate area. Fruit or veggies that are grown locally and sold at your farmers markets. The little boutique cheese shop that may have goat cheese made a few miles away. Meat-cutters selling locally grown, fresh cuts and sausages. Craft breweries, wineries, jam and salsa makers and restaurants. There is a lot of great, locally produced stuff all around us!

photo 2So, that is precisely what CheffyK and CA and going to be writing about over the next couple of weeks – or longer perhaps! We will be exploring all that’s great, fresh and local to the Wenatchee and Chelan/Manson areas. We both think that supporting what our neighbors are producing is very important, so we are going to share some great places you can explore and do just that!

Stay Tuned!


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