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Goodbye, 2013. Welcome, 2014!

Thank you for your support during the last six months as we’ve slowly gotten CheffyK and CA’s cooking school off the ground. It has been an eventful year and we have a lot more planned for 2014!

Here are some highlights from Fall 2013:

Have you seen the latest issue of Foothills Magazine? Check out pages 12-13 for an article and recipe from CheffyK for Super Bowl Salmon Sliders. Not only are they easy to prepare, but they are to die for! They’ve been a hit at a wedding, a birthday bash, and Christmas Eve this year, and I hope they’ll put in an appearance or two in 2014, as well.

CheffyK was asked to be part of a team of three Dream Meal judges for Foothills Magazine that visited 14 restaurants to pick the best of the best. I was lucky enough to tag along for several of these dinners, enjoying the good company of the other judges and ordering from the menus of some of the finest restaurants the region has to offer. Pages 36-45 of this issue of Foothills Magazine contain the results of this 12-week project. The food was fantastic, but the experience showed, once again, that enjoying good food is greatly enhanced by the good company!

On Saturday, November 2, CheffyK participated in the Country Financial Chopped Competition at Pybus Market with 6 other Wenatchee chefs. Each chef was given four mystery ingredients, a pantry full of food, and 30 minutes to prepare their dish. The night before the competition, CheffyK was brainstorming possible meals and had decided to go with a Mediterranean theme. However, when he opened the mystery basket and discovered a Zagnut bar, he had to let go of any preconceived ideas and get creative really quickly. And so he did! He made a curried chicken, using the Zagnut bar to sweeten the sauce and as a bit of a garnish, sprinkled on top. I took some video footage of his chopping hands and I PROMISE this has not been sped up! Prepare to be as amazed as I was. He won, by the way. CheffyK is the Wenatchee Chopped Champion!

Looking ahead to 2014:

We will keep you posted about upcoming classes. We have a Valentine’s Day class in the works and will have details soon. CheffyK will be traveling to two industry conferences in the next few months to share his knowledge and experience of the Farm to School program.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Would you like to host a cooking class in your home? We can tailor a class to your specific needs. For example, are you interested in learning a specific ethnic style of cooking? Are you looking for a birthday party activity for your partner’s big day? Do you want to learn how to host a killer dinner party? Do you need hardcore methods for cooking healthily and quickly for your busy family? We can help!

Happy New Year!


12 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2013. Welcome, 2014!”

  1. Dale and Lesli Lehrman

    CheffyK and CA provided the food for Lesli’s surprise 50th birthday party in November (approx. 60 people). We are still getting compliments on the salmon, brisket, and pulled pork sliders with specialty sauces(in addition to the yummy stuffed mushrooms, not to mention everything else)! Kent and Cheryl Ann are wonderful people and provide a fantastic culinary experience. In addition to the party, we were fortunate enough to attend one of their cooking classes. It was a fantastic interactive evening of learning, wonderful food, wine and fellowship! We plan on hosting a class this year. Have a group of friends and are tired of the same old restaurants? Do yourselves a favor and give CheffyK and CA a call. You will not regret it! Dale and Lesli Lehrman

  2. Wow what a time it has been for you! Exciting times ahead too! I live in the UK so when you branch out over here then I’d be up for it! Best of luck for the future and well done – I love your enthusiasm and energy. Keep it up!

  3. Congratulations on winning the Chopping competition — those are really impressive skills! I was nervous just watching the video, never mind being able to chop like that! I love all of the different, creative ideas you have for cooking classes. I would love to have a girls night out with my friends with wine and cooking and a lesson from a real chef!

  4. Now those are some skills! I am attending my first cooking class with my wife and parents here in Portland in a couple of months and I’m very excited. Congratulations on getting your cooking school off the ground. My very favorite thing is seeing people take flight with their passions and great ideas. You are clearly operating in your sweet spot. And thank you for the Super Bowl Salmon Sliders idea. This is just what I need as I watch the Seahawks win! 🙂

    All the best to you in 2104 as you take your cooking school forward.

  5. First, I want to say congrats to all your good successes for 2013. The chopping was amazing in the video. I am always impressed with cooks, as I am not a cook in any way. I have to friends, one from upstate Oregon and one in Michigan working on the Farm to School events to bring back healthy food to the children. I am glad to see this becoming a trend everywhere.

    I wish you the best in 2014!

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