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Part Two: A Mexican Adventure

“Woah, Mexico. It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low.
Moon’s so bright, like to light up the night, make everything all right.”

~ James Taylor


Hello Friends!
Part Two (If you missed part one, here’s the link).

On our second day in Bucerias, Mexico, Kent had his first pedicure! Then, we took our happy feet down to the beach to find him a hat.


Tourism is the largest industry on the Bay of Banderas and many families make their living by selling food, handicrafts, folk-art, massages, and clothing right on the beach.


While in the sand, we noticed something rolling up and down the beach with the surf like a little spiny ball. Upon closer inspection it was determined to be a live, puffed up, puffer fish, that couldn’t get past the surf and out to deeper waters. We’ve read that you can’t touch puffer fish, but CA was really disturbed that it couldn’t get back into the water. Since then, we’ve learned that they are really only toxic when eaten, but she wasn’t taking any chances because this thing was pokey! CA lifted it up with her sandals to toss it back into the ocean.

It was surprisingly heavy and extremely cute, with it’s oddly smile-like, fishy-lips and flip-flapping fins. Unfortunately, the tide was coming in and it just kept rolling back up onto the beach. As with most things humans interfere with, several minutes after we left it alone it had disappeared back into the sea.

Later in the day, we began our search for restaurants we could share with future travelers and happened upon another beachfront seafood stop. We asked about their specialty and they brought us sautéed shrimp with a rich, Kahlua sauce on the side, apparently a local favorite as some pointed out to us one night at another restaurant.



With every meal we enjoyed guacamole and salsa. Avocados were also plentiful, in season, and so delicious! The shrimp with Kahlua were not our favorite, but we enjoyed the heck out of the camarones al mojo de ajo (shrimp with garlic sauce).

After dinner, we found the nightlife and discovered what would become our favorite restaurant, Esquina 22. CA is not a big sweet/sugar fan, so we ordered mojitos “san azucar”. The bartender/owner created the best mojito either of us have ever tasted! In addition to the fresh mint, he also added a bit of an artisan, Mexican, mint liqueur. CA is still planning to recreate this one at home!


Click the logo to check out Esquina 22’s website

Esquina 22 is located right in the heart of Bucerias. As we enjoyed our mojito, we noticed bands setting up and more people walking downtown. Before long, there were several live bands playing within a few yards of each other at different venues. Dancing ensued!

Stay tuned for part three and remember, our early bird pricing ends on December 31st, so book today!


Kent and CherylAnn
CheffyK and CA

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