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Lake Chelan Brewery

One of our favorite TV scenes is from Downton Abbey. The family is sitting around the dining table and a family member informs them that he is starting a “job.” Everyone around the table is flummoxed. He tells them, of course he’ll have time to help with the family business on the weekend. The dowager then asks, “What is a weekend?” This has become our running joke. There are rarely “days off” when you are starting or running a business. The weekends are often our busiest days. This doesn’t mean we don’t find down time. It just means we sometimes have to get a little more creative.

When our living room office is getting old and we need a change of scenery, especially around dinner time, we visit Lake Chelan Brewery. Lee Medina, one of the owners, always makes us feel welcome whether we have laptops in tow or just our paper notebooks. We consistently receive excellent service from the entire, friendly staff!

They make eight of their own brews, all on tap, and we’ve enjoyed all that we’ve tried. There are currently two local ciders on tap, as well. Our favorite is the Devil’s Trail IPA. It’s a big beer with all the floral, citrusy elements that make a good IPA. If you want to try several beers, they also offer flights.

Kent ordered the Pepperjack Chicken Sandwich with fries and I had the award winning Housemade Pork Green Chili. Delicious! Cooks, Cynthia and Angie, create well-seasoned, consistent food that we always enjoy. The chicken for Kent’s sandwich is hand-breaded, something you don’t see very often. In fact, most of the menu items are made from scratch. The chili packed a spicy punch, perfect for me, and comes from Lee’s mom’s family recipe. Another favorite of mine is the BLT Chopped Salad! They purchase locally from Lake Chelan Cheese Shop and the Lake Chelan Artisan Bakery. Main dishes range in price from $12.95-14.95. Starters start at $9.95. My chili was $7.95. Great prices for the portions!


I love their Brick project! For $5, they will provide you with pens and you can decorate a brick. 100% of brick proceeds go to the Lake Chelan Food Bank. They’ve raised nearly $10,000 already!

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Better yet, stop by for a beer and some great pub food!

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