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MVP Vintners

Last Friday we decided to take a drive out to Manson to find a change of environment for a project we were working on. Where better to work on a project than a tasting room? Especially one with a large, comfy patio! We had walked by this tasting room many times and were drawn by the sound of laughter coming from the outside seating area. The MVP patio is probably the only commercial patio in downtown Manson with a lake view!

The tasting room itself was pretty spacious with two large tables, an additional sitting area, and the bar. We weren’t able to go outside because there was a wedding rehearsal in progress. How cool is that? They were hosting a wedding the next day. We watched as plates of food were brought through the tasting room and out to the patio from next door at the Northshore CafĂ©.

The advantage of sitting inside at the bar was that we were able to talk to the owner, Pete Matthews, and learn a bit about what is important to Pete and his wife, Heather, not the least of which is their belief in creating world class wines. Pete says, “Wines are our central focus.”

Pete oversees all the winemaking, sources all the fruit, and does all of the blending. We enjoyed all of the wines we tasted, but Kent and I agreed that the Super Tuscan Blend was our favorite. We also learned that the bride and groom who were enjoying their wedding rehearsal had worked with Pete to create a special blend for their wedding!

It’s worth a special trip out to Manson to check out MVP Vintners for yourself!


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