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Kent and CherylAnn found each other in February of 2012 and instantly connected over their shared love of family, hospitality, music, travel, and food. Their home’s new “Dream Kitchen,” is for the purposes of entertaining. Here they share their passion for high-quality, local ingredients and extreme hospitality! They love the art and feel of cooking. Their hope is that anyone can become more comfortable and confident in the kitchen, so as to better improvise and cook from the heart.

Chef Kent leading cooking class

Kent Getzin

AKA CheffyK

Kent Getzin is a veteran of the culinary world since the 1980s. Classically trained as a chef with four years of formal culinary school training, he is graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in upstate New York. CheffyK spent the first 20 years of his career running fine dining restaurants and private golf clubs. Then, as his family grew, he recognized that he was missing out on his kids growing up and made an interesting career shift.

At the end of October 2016, he resigned his directors position to open CheffyK and CA, LLC with his partner and wife, CherylAnn. Kent focuses on helping school food pros “get back to basics” with scratch cooking and Farm to School through training in time and cost saving techniques. Learn more at

CherylAnn Crego


CherylAnn Crego has been cooking for her family for many years and her son says she has quite a way with leftovers! She loves to cook over fire. CherylAnn’s role includes business development, admin, marketing, schlepping gear, and assisting CheffyK.

In addition to working with her partner and husband, CheffyK, CherylAnn is working on a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree.