MVP Vintners

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Last Friday we decided to take a drive out to Manson to find a change of environment for a project we were working on. Where better to work on a project than a tasting room? Especially one with a large, comfy patio! We had walked by this tasting room many times and were drawn by [...]

Lake Chelan Brewery

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One of our favorite TV scenes is from Downton Abbey. The family is sitting around the dining table and a family member informs them that he is starting a "job." Everyone around the table is flummoxed. He tells them, of course he'll have time to help with the family business on the weekend. The dowager [...]

Harvest House Review for Fab Food Friday!

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Tonight we visited Harvest House Art Gallery and Restaurant in Waterville, WA. The evening began with a gorgeous motorcycle ride up through the Waterville Grade. It is about a 30 minute, winding ride through rock formations and evergreen trees, ascending into wheat fields and expansive sky. Waterville is such a neat, old town. A bedroom community to [...]