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My team and I developed a model Farm to School and scratch cooking program that gained national attention. Every menu, and in every building, locally procured foods were served daily! I am excited about the Farm to School movement’s potential to reintroduce kids to scratch-cooked, fresh foods! I love teaching school food pros about the benefits of “getting back to basics” with scratch cooking in their own operations and the power of the Farm to School movement. I am concerned that people have the same involuntary response when they hear the words “school food” as they do when they hear the word “dentist” and that is a shame (no offense to dentists, intended)! Farm to school and scratch cooking go hand in hand and have the power to change all that!

I’ve known what I’ve wanted as a career since I was fifteen years old, so for 37 years, food has been my laser focus. Is it the art, the science, the satisfaction of service, the energy and the excitement? The answer is YES! I’ve always loved to serve. It comes from my heart! The desire to serve is woven into the very fabric of my being. It’s all of these things (I blame my Mom… she said she would clean the kitchen if I cooked dinner and that’s how it all started)!

My super-power is the ability to help people transform puzzling predicaments into problems solved, the complex into common-place, and big dreams and visions into realities!

Healthy school lunch
CheffyK (Kent Getzin) leading a training
School lunch with vegetables, meat, potatoes, and milk
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