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Our Fresh Garlic Based Seasoning Salts!

Explosive, fresh garlic flavor make our salts unique and easy to use. We don’t add any fillers or artificial ingredients. Just real food! Use anywhere you’d use a savory salt; finishing, marinating, rubs, braising, and barbeque are just a few ways you can use our Seasoning Salt blends every day. You can see, feel, and taste the difference!

Fresh Garlic Seasoning Salt:
A great option for those who want to blend their own seasoning mixture. Create your own flavor profile with cumin, curries, berbere, and more! Also good when you don’t want visible herbs and spices in your dishes like alfredo or mashed potatoes.

Just salt, pepper, and fresh garlic. Perfect on everything but your breakfast cereal! Seriously, we use it on everything, especially when we want the food to show off its own flavor profile.

Deep, Dark, and Smoky:
We add three chilis to our fresh garlic salt base to create this rich and smoky blend. We love it on braised pork, roasted potatoes, and scrambled eggs. Try it on the rim of your glass for a smoky Bloody Mary.

Souper Salt:
Mediterranean herbs and lemon zest added to our salt, pepper, and fresh garlic blend make this a fabulous choice for mixing into soups, stews, and marinara. We also love it as a rub on chicken, fish, and steak.

We’ve added japones chilis to our salt, pepper, and fresh garlic blend to bring up the heat and add a little KICK! Try tossing sweet,¬†roasted vegetables with a little olive oil and Kick! for a sweet and savory treat.

You can try out some of our recipes and don’t be afraid to experiment, mix and match. Check out our Youtube channel for tutorials and more recipe ideas. If you share your creations made with our fresh garlic seasoning salts on Facebook or Instagram, just tag us and we will reshare your photos! We love to see what you are up to!

They make great gifts, too!