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Fresh Garlic-Based

Seasoning Salts

Explosive, fresh garlic flavor make our salts unique and easy to use. No fillers or artificial ingredients — just real food! Use anywhere you’d use a savory salt; finishing, marinating, rubs, braising and barbeque are just a few ways you can use our Seasoning Salt blends every day.

You can see, feel, and TASTE the difference!

FRESH Garlic

Our small batch FRESH Garlic Salt is made using just fresh garlic and Kosher salt for maximum garlic flavor. That’s it! A great option for those who want to blend their own seasoning mixture. Create your own flavor profile with cumin, curries, berbere, and more! Also great for when you don’t want visible herbs and spices in your dishes like alfredo or mashed potatoes.



The pro chef’s trifecta of foundational culinary seasoning. Just salt, pepper, and fresh garlic. Perfect on everything but your breakfast cereal!

Seriously, we use it on everything, especially when we want the food to show off its own flavor profile. Simple, savory and satisfying!


Deep, Dark & Smoky

We add three chilis to our FRESH Garlic Salt to create this rich and smoky, chipotle-forward blend. Bacon-like aroma and core-warming heat! We love it on braised pork, roasted potatoes, popcorn and scrambled eggs. Try it on the rim of your glass for a smoky Bloody Mary. Add a nice smoky flavor without ever firing up the BBQ!



Originally formulated to easily flavor and season soups, stews, and sauces, but try rubbing it into the skin of your next roasted chicken, apply it liberally to any piece of protein (fish, chicken, beef, tofu) before cooking for a fantastic herbaceous blast. Our ultra-savory FRESH Garlic Salt, blended with Whole Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Lemon Zest and Black Pepper! Provides a savory and aromatic Mediterranean vibe to so many dishes!


Kickin' it at the Lake

We’ve added japones chilis to our salt, pepper, and FRESH Garlic Blend to bring up the heat and add a little KICK! The perfect seasoning to elevate a sweet and savory treat. Add anywhere you would add salt. Delicious sprinkled on popcorn, broiled shrimp, deep-fried vegetables or rice. Get ready to feel the KICK!



“The seasoning salts are second to none. Just the right amount of kick. Not a ton of salt, like you’d find in most other salts. Can’t wait to order more!”

Elizabeth Boyd